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Here’s what you should know about DDA’s Diwali housing scheme

Here’s what you should know about DDA’s Diwali housing scheme

Here’s what you should know about DDA’s Diwali housing scheme

According to sources, the DDA is likely to offer around 32,000 flats in different categories. However, the number of flats on sale may be increased or decreased at the time of launch.

Around Diwali, during the festive season, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is expected to announce a housing program. According to those with knowledge of the development, the plan calls for the sale of over 30,000 apartments in a variety of price ranges and locations, including penthouses and SHIG (super high-income group) apartments in addition to more reasonably priced alternatives. These locations include Dwarka, Narela, and Vasant Kunj.

According to the sources, the housing project is expected to be introduced on a first-come, first-served basis around Diwali.


The units provided under the project would be located in Rohini, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka (sectors 19B and 14), Narela, and Lok Nayak Puram. When it is formally launched, more sites might be added.

Number of flats

The sources indicate that the DDA will probably provide about 32,000 apartments in various categories. They did, however, note that the quantity of apartments available for purchase could change when it launches.

About 170 opulent apartments of the SHIG category and approximately 14 luxury penthouses in Dwarka (sector 19B) are anticipated to be made available under the plan.

The sources also mentioned that there are probably going to be more than 5,000 EWS flats in Narela. Additionally, the project will provide 1,600 HIG and about 2,000 MIG dwellings. There will be roughly 600 MIG flats and 200 EWS flats available at Lok Nayak Puram.

Over 700 EWS apartments and 900 MIG apartments will be offered in Dwarka’s sector 19B. More apartments are being prepared and will probably be available in the Rohini and Narela neighborhoods.


According to sources, SHIG apartments might cost as much as Rs 3 crore, while HIG apartments might cost as much as Rs 2.50 crore. MIG apartments are probably going to cost between Rs. 1 and Rs. 1.3 crore. While LIG homes might cost between Rs 15 and 30 lakh, EWS flats are probably going to sell for between Rs 11 and 14 lakh. At the time of debut, the apartment pricing could change in the end.

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How to apply

Following the scheme’s debut, prospective buyers must visit, the official DDA website, and log in with their PAN and other information. In addition, once the program is implemented, they can visit the website and call the 1800-110-332 DDA call center number for additional information.