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Smart City Mission transforming Hubbali and Belagavi in Karnataka

Smart City Mission: transforming Hubbali and Belagavi in Karnataka

Smart City Mission: transforming Hubbali and Belagavi in Karnataka

Most of the projects outlined in the smart cities mission have been completed in both cities, including specific projects like a Mahila Bazar and a therapeutic center for children with special needs.

For the Karnataka cities of Hubbali and Belagavi, the Smart Cities Mission of the Central Government, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), has been revolutionary.

Officials claim that up to 59 projects in Hubbali, including as the green mobility corridor and the renovation of Tolankere Lake, have been finished at an estimated cost of Rs 810 crore. Similar to this, Belagavi has seen the completion of roughly 96 public welfare projects under the smart city plan, including “Mahila Bazar” and a therapy center for children with special needs, at a cost of Rs 870 crore.

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The Hubbali Dharwad Smart City Corporation Limited (HDSCL) was established as a special purpose entity after the twin cities of Hubbali and Dharwad were chosen in 2017 as part of the smart cities initiative.

According to him, initiatives have included building rainwater harvesting systems, constructing a green transportation corridor, and renovating public markets, roads, hospitals, and lakes in Tolankere and Unkal.

Every one of these projects has a specific necessity. We have finished 59 of the 63 smart city projects, and by the end of June 2024, the remaining four will be finished. A total of Rs 930 crore was spent on the smart city program. We have used about Rs 810 crore of the Rs 930 crore that we have so far,” Ghali told Moneycontrol.

According to Ghali, Chitaguppi Hospital, which was previously in disrepair, has been rebuilt as part of the Smart Cities Mission and is now a state-of-the-art, multispeciality facility. The Bengeri Central Market, which has been constructed and furnished with amenities for farmers and street sellers, is another important initiative. According to him, the project has also resulted in the renovation of the city’s Mahatma Gandhi Park and the installation of a melodic fountain there.

Belagavi Smart City

Belagavi City is home to over 5.07 lakh people and occupies 94.08 square kilometers, according to officials. In 2016, the city was chosen for the mission’s first phase, which involved developing it as a smart city.

102 initiatives were carried out in Belagavi as part of the Smart City Mission, according to Syeda Afreen S. Bellary, Managing Director of Belagavi Smart City. These included, among other things, the domains of public infrastructure, healthcare, education, information technology, and transportation.

Six of the 102 projects are in progress and will be finished the following year, leaving 96 completed. We have so far invested about Rs 871 crore in smart city initiatives, out of the Rs 930 crore budget allotted under the smart city mission. To begin more citizen-centric projects, we need additional funding,” Bellary told Moneycontrol.

According to her, Minister of MoHUA Hardeep Singh Puri has given Belagavi the ‘United Nations—Smart Solutions and Inclusive Cities Awards 2022’ for the execution of projects like the Kanabargi Lake Rejuvenation, an e-library, and a therapy center for children with physical and mental disabilities at Mahatma Phule Park.

The hub of interest in Belagavi is the women-led “Mahila Bazar,” a market created as part of the smart cities project. The proprietors of the 56 stores are all female business owners. 49 out of 56 stores sell well-known meals from all throughout the nation.

“Located on Atal Bihari Vajpayee Road, the market is also known as ‘Khau Katta’ and is a culinary delight for people as they come here from nearby towns as well,” Bellary said.