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Vision Dharavi: A look at Adani Properties’ key milestones so far


Vision Dharavi: A look at Adani Properties’ key milestones so far

The rehabilitation of Vision Dharavi residents entails the resettlement of not only the residential units but also of diverse establishments of various sizes and scales dealing with trading, shopping, and other business transactions.

In a government resolution (GR) dated July 13, the Housing Department of the Maharashtra government gave Adani Properties the go-ahead for the Dharavi redevelopment project earlier this year.

This happened about eight months after the company won the contract to renovate and rehabilitate the biggest slum cluster in India.


In November 2022, the redevelopment project’s bids opened. Adani Realty, DLF, and Naman Group were among the major real estate conglomerates that put in bids for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, which is situated in Central Mumbai. The highest initial investment commitment was used to select the winning offer.

Over the following seven years, the Maharashtra government hopes to rehabilitate the slum cluster as part of the redevelopment initiative.

The slum cluster is home to an estimated one million inhabitants. Consequently, one of the largest urban renewal and resettlement projects in the world is the restoration of Dharavi.

In addition, the rehabilitation of Dharavi’s inhabitants involves the resettling of different establishments of different kinds and scales that deal with commerce, retail, and other commercial activities, in addition to residential units.

The project will address the housing and rehabilitation requirements of both eligible and ineligible inhabitants, with the goal of achieving comprehensive and holistic regeneration.

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Chairman Adani’s Vision Dharavi

The head of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani, has discussed his plans for Dharavi’s reconstruction and drawn comparisons to Singapore’s 1960s housing crisis project.

“I am aware of the enormous hurdles ahead as we set out on this very unknown voyage. In an open letter on July 19, Adani had stated, “Even in comparison with Singapore’s groundbreaking project to resolve its housing crisis in the 1960s, Dharavi is a unique project in a league of its own.”

The chairman of the Adani Group stated that he plans to “support and strengthen” the small businesses and microenterprises that are now operating in Dharavi in order to provide a living for the locals.

“I intend to transform Dharavi into a modern city hub by looking at ways and means to support and strengthen existing micro-enterprises and small industries and by promoting new-age jobs with a special focus on youth and women” , Adani wrote in his letter.